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Intergovernmental Relationship Managers (IRM) are a direct connection for state agencies to interact with the West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT).  They create a partnership with agency representatives to understand their business and political needs.  These highly skilled individuals can be an agency's best advocate within WVOT to achieve their goals.  The IRM can communicate these needs to directors and managers with WVOT to better prioritize projects and achieve a successful outcome for both the agency and the State of West Virginia.  IRM's will also be able to communicate notifications to agencies whether routine or for emergencies in an understandable way.



The IRM group, along with the Project Management Office (PMO), is a part of the Information Technology Governance Office (ITGO) and will be able to guide requests that turn into projects to the right team and assist in keeping everyone involved up to date.

Technology image.jpgIRM's maintain technical and business knowledge with a goal to use centralized purchasing power to save agencies time and money.  The IRM will be able to inform and work with an agency to guide them through statewide contracts available through the State of WV Purchasing Division for technology related procurements.  IRM's will proactively inform and help in technology upgrades of software and hardware requirements outlined by WVOT.  There are many software options available to today's agencies and the IRM can be the best guide to help fulfill the needs of an agency.  Please contact your IRM today to build the best relationship for your agency with WVOT.



Intergovernmental Relationship Manager Contact and Assignment Information: 


Carlos Neccuzi (Manager)


Public Service Commission

Governor's Office

Veteran's Assistance



Dwayne Bartley


Boards/Commissions (Excluding Public Service Commission)

Administration (Excluding PEIA)




David Highland


Local Health Departments




Dave Roberts


Education and the Arts






Contact the WVOT Service Desk

(304) 558-9966

(877) 558-9966


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