MVS Systems

The systems programming group, also known hereabouts as the software team. Systems programmers install, tune, monitor, and maintain the software products that run on the West Virginia Office of Technology enterprise server.

The systems programming job is extraordinarily technical. Systems programmers need a background in applications programming so they can understand, and deal with, problems that affect the programmers who are on the front lines in State agencies and elsewhere.

The group has to work seamlessly as well as independently. Someone does the operating system, someone else does security, someone else does online systems, someone else does data base management, and so on. But intercommunication is critical. It is no place for loose cannons.

Like their colleagues elsewhere in the world, the team has had to adjust to radical changes in technology over the past decade or so. Everything has been discombobulated, everything is more complex, and everything has to be done the day before yesterday. The team adapted as large computing systems blew apart, and the bits and pieces regrew round one another.

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