Recycling Certification

To become a WVOT Certified Recycler you must meet the below minimum requirements and complete the WVOT Recycling Vendor Registration Form.

In adherence with industry standard best practices, any vendor(s) participate in the State of WV e-Recycle Program must meet the following requirements:

Must be in accordance with:
  • EPA recycling rules and requirements
    • ISO-14001 standards for material recycling and disposal
  • Primary Vendor or vendor partners must have at least one e-waste/e-scrap Certification
    • Responsible Recycling (R2)
    • Recycling Industry Operating Standards (RIOS)
    • E-Stewards
  • Must have a tracking system to provide traceability and accountability
    • Business records documenting all transfers of equipment and materials into and out of facility
  • Must have documented methods of ensuring data security
  • Must be able to provide free pickup and transportation of the equipment