Rates and Revenue Information


The Rates and Revenue Section provides administrative functions for WVOT and Account Services to Users Agencies. Rates and Revenue is the point of contact for customers regarding WVOT and Central Mail billing questions.  The unit produces the WVOT invoices, distributes the ISC, Central Mail, and Telecom invoices, and collects the payment for these services.

The unit is responsible for establishing WVOT and Central Mail user rates that are fair and reflect cost of services provided to State agencies.  Rates and Revenue is responsible for processing WVOT vendor payments and procurements as well as preparing WVOT's Appropriation Request, Expenditure Schedule, and Financial Statements.

In order to do business with Rates and Revenue, an agency needs to contact Justin T. McAllister, CFO.

If an agency has a question about an ISC, CMO, or Telecom invoice, needs a replacement invoice, or needs to dispute an item on their invoice they should contact

Each agency should review their invoice and backup thoroughly upon receipt each month, and report any invoicing errors or irregularities to Rates and Revenue immediately.  Agencies should also review the address and contact name on the ISC invoice regularly. If changes are needed, email

ISC/CMO Billing Inquiry Form