Mobile Devices Management Procedures

Last Revised 2/22/2012

There are three options for mobile access to the West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT) email system, only mobile
devices that fit one of these connection options will be authorized to connect to the WVOT email system:

  • Blackberry devices connected to the WVOT Blackberry Enterprise Servers
  • Microsoft Windows phones, IPhones, and IPads using Microsoft ActiveSync
  • Android smartphones and agency authorized personal IPhones and IPads utilizing third party software
    (Good for Enterprise) for synchronization and security.

This document applies to both agency authorized personal devices and State purchased mobile devices.
Each of these methods is provided with the understanding that any mobile device a user connects to the WVOT email
system will be managed by WVOT. WVOT reserves the right to completely erase the device at any time with or without
the approval or notification of the end user in specific situations as follows:

  • Termination either voluntary or involuntary
  • Lost or stolen device
  • Security breach
  • Violation of the Acceptable Use Policy

The requirement of these terms in order to connect a device to the WVOT email system is not intended to supersede or
circumvent any applicable use policies in place at the respective agency.

It is the responsibility of the end user to immediately report the loss of a mobile device that has been connected to the
WVOT email system.

The user understands that the mobile device will be secured with both a power on password, as well as an inactivity
password that will be controlled through security policies on the various platforms.

When a mobile device is erased for one of the reasons listed above, all data and applications may be removed. This may
include personal data and applications as well as enterprise data. The backup of personal data is the sole responsibility
of the end user and WVOT will not be responsible financially or otherwise for the loss of data and/or applications.

Every mobile device will be subject to the smart phone device rate published in the WVOT Service Rates Catalog. In
addition, devices connected to Good for Enterprise will incur a onetime licensing fee as per the rates catalog — the
onetime licensing fee does not apply to Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices. The right of continued use of the license
will remain with the user’s agency and may be transferred to another user at the agency’s discretion.

WVOT Service Rates 
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