Desktop Tools

In addition to any agency specific software, each pc will have the following tools installed:

  • Windows 7 - our standard operating system. Facilitates access to programs, printing, network files, and the internet.
  • Office 2010 – includes standard production tools such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher.
  • Outlook - included in Office 2010, provides email, tasks, calendaring, and the sharing of these with others in your organization.
  • Microsoft Office Communicator - allows you to see if others are online, busy, or offline (presence awareness), instant messaging, and file sharing with others on the domain.
  • Bluezone - provides access to the state’s Mainframe.
  • Adobe Reader - viewer for reading documents and images saved in the Adobe format (pdf).
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection - Our antivirus solution.
  • Internet Explorer - for internet access.
  • Oracle Java - for viewing web applications/feeds.
  • 1E Power Management Tools - enables your pc to minimize power usage and save electricity.