Consulting Services

Staffed between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Consulting Services offers assistance in Business Function Analysis, Needs Analysis, Technology Research, Procurement Consulting, and Advisory Services, while performing a consulting function in requisition review.

Regular CTO Approval Process

Please send all requests to All requests require a justification for the procurement, the cost, and the vendor.

Requests for Quotation (RFQ) require the RFQ document with the specifications your agency plans to release. At the point of submission, vendors will not be specified. Please provide an estimated cost. If the bid is returned over $50,000.00, WVOT will need to approve the award of the contract. Your agency must provide a recommendation of award with all bids received.

Example RFQs:
Form templates are also available here.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) involve three steps. First, your agency must provide documentation of the need for the RFP with the basic concept of your proposal or project.  Once the concept is approved by WVOT, your agency may proceed with drafting the RFP document. Second, your agency must provide the justification, finalized RFP document, and the estimated cost of the project for review prior to its release.  Third, once your agency receives bids on the RFP, WVOT must approve the bid prior to your agency awarding the contract. Your agency must provide to WVOT a recommendation of award and all the bids received.

An example RFP can be found here.

The Standardized Request for Information can be found here.

Accelerated Approval Process

Accelerated requests are only for items under $2,500.00. Please send these requests to and ensure that the subject line of your email says “Accelerated CTO Review” so it may be processed more expeditiously. This subject line will automatically divert your email to a separate mailbox with requests that are processed quicker. Your request must include the completed Accelerated CTO Review form. If this form is not completed, your request will be returned.


For requests for removable media, please include a privacy impact assessment so your request can be reviewed by the Security office.

For requests for routers, wireless access points, ethernet switches, VOIP phones and equipment, etc. please include a Bill of Material (BOM) so your request can be reviewed by the appropriate WVOT director.

The Expedited Request policy can be found here.

OASIS Approval Process

All items that are purchased from the IP (computers), DIGCOP (copiers) and MAILMCH (mailing machines) statewide contracts must be assigned to Donna Lipscomb as the third-party approver in OASIS. Each of these three contracts have a WVOT form that is required to be provided or the request will be rejected.  These forms are included in the Ordering Instructions for each contract.


Please note that WVOT is required to provide project oversight for all major information technology projects (those exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand dollars). The agency must work through the OT Project Management Office to plan for and schedule any OT technology resources and personnel that will be required to support the project and/or the final production system.