Project Management Methodology

This site provides an overall understanding of the WVOT Project Management Methodology.  The Management Methodology is intended to:

  • Simplify and facilitate Project Managers' access to the project management approach
  • Promote best practices for project management for all projects
  • Create a standardization of terminology

What exactly is a Project Management Methodology?
Project management methodology is a set of standards and procedures for used for managing projects.  By using standard repeatable processes you will ensure project successfulness.  The WVOT Management Methodology includes the following 5 processes:

  1. Initiating - identify and authorize a new project or a new phase of an existing project
  2. Planning - establish the scope, define objectives, gather requirements and determine the actions to complete the project
  3. Executing - complete the tasks to achieve project objectives according to scope and budget
  4. Monitoring and Controlling - track, review, and regulate the progress of the project within each cycle.  One must also identify changes to the plan and initiate a change control process
  5. Closing – ensure all tasks are complete; develop a plan for on-going maintenance, and conduct a post project review
  6. Certification & Accreditation – Assess and confirm the quality of deliverables and measure results against project requirements to ensure project objectives are met while demonstrating compliance with project standards

Our methodology closely follows the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).  For more information on PMBOK you can visit the Project Management Institute (PMI) at


Project Management Life Cycle