Email Status (Last Update: Friday, 8:00 am)

‚ÄčThe exchange email system is back online. In the event you continue to get suspicious emails, please contact the Service Desk immediately. There are multiple computers that have been impacted by the virus and the above protocol still applies. The Office of Technology is currently finalizing a plan to return these infected computers back to service. If your colleague's computer or others in your area have been impacted, please pass on this information to them.
We appreciate you cooperation and patience in this matter.
If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on the attachment simply delete the email.
If you clicked on the attachment then immediately do the following.
1.       Turn off  the computer
2.       If possible disconnect the computer from the network
3.       Contact the service desk to report the issue
4.       Do not turn the computer back on until a technician has checked the computer or instructed you to.


Service Desk