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West Virginia is participating in NCSAM (National Cyber Security Awareness Month).
The West Virginia Office of Technology reminds state employees that this time of year has many scams going around.
Some users have received email that claims to be sent from USAJOBS and attempts to get users to divulge sensitive information.
Internet Safety Month offers the unique opportunity to remind kids with more free time, families gearing up for getaways and brides-to-be to stay safer and more secure online.
The West Virginia Digital Government Summit is for anyone interested in hearing and sharing innovative insight as well as participating in dynamic discussions. Come join us!
As of 10/24/2014 8:00 AM the exchange email system is back online.
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Where is Your Personal Info? The amount of data on the Internet is staggering. As consumers of online services, we create information through our use of social media, online shopping, and many other activities.
See what's planned for West Virginia's 150th Birthday celebration!
IS&C Bill Inquiry Form and Instructions now available.
Portable State devices must be attached to the network at least once every 14 days for a minimum of two hours, or until all updates have been successfully loaded, to receive program updates, security patches, and anti-virus definition updates.
West Virginia ranks among the top eight states in the nation for its use of digital technology in state government.
The Ninth Annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month is being celebrated during October 2012.
Protection of data requires multiple layers of defense, and the use of encryption to secure sensitive data is a critical tool in this multi-layered approach.
The Cyber Pledge contest aims to raise awareness about staying safe online and encourages individuals to confirm their commitment to doing their part to keep cyber space safe.
Seventeen workers from the West Virginia Office of Technology traveled to Louisiana Tuesday to help that state provide services to residents recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac.
Information technology professionals from West Virginia will join other state technical experts in supporting the Department of Children and Family Services in Louisiana.
Jim Richards, West Virginia Chief Information Security Officer was appointed to the MS-ISAC Executive Committee. Jim was elected by his MS-ISAC colleagues.
If you’re not familiar with the phrase “digital footprint”, it’s important that you become aware of what it is and how it impacts you.
Governor Tomblin announces Gale Given as the new WVOT CTO.
The new CTO Review Status Report is now available on the Consulting Services page.
Your password is more than just a key to your computer or online account. It is a gateway to all of your important information.
The continued growth of mobile apps requires a spotlight on security. Hackers are quickly learning how to harvest legitimate applications and repackage them with malicious code before selling/offering them on various channels.
WV Interactive will be performing maintenance this weekend.
At work, technicians ensure your computers are safe from threats. Patches and updates are ran on a regular basis. However when you go home, that responsibility falls on you
Susannah Carpenter has been named West Virginia's acting chief technology officer, officials announced Friday.
The office of Information Security Controls and Compliance has joined Facebook.
Five tips to starting a new project quickly and efficiently.
WVOT presented on February 13, 2012, at the annual Association of Counties Conference.
The Data Center upgrade is complete. Application testing continues.
The OT is planning maintenance Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012, beginning at 5:00 p.m. (EDT), through noon on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012.
Review the different ways individuals can hide information on Social Media.
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Vote now for the NASCIO 2011 videos.
The CTO Review Status Report is now available on the Consulting Services page.
Monthly newsletter released.
Good Technology's "Bring Your Own Device" model supports iPhone and iPad use for West Virginia government agencies.
The Computerworld Honor Program pays tribute to individuals and organizations that use information technology to benefit society.
The WVOT Social Media Disclaimer is inteded for use on websites such as Facebook or Twitter.
In the line-up, NY Times Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker Don Yeager...
The Center for Digital Government will be conducting a free workshop on April 12, 2011, pertaining to Protecting Government Services in Tough Budget Times; Cutting Costs with Online Collaboration, Training, and Education.
During the 2010 legislative session, Senate Bill 398 passed into law. The bill requires the WV Solid Waste Management Board to develop a Comprehensive Program to Provide for the Proper Handling of Covered Electronic Devices.
Members of the West Virginia Office of Technology visited Marshall University on February 15th to talk to students in the College of Information Technology and Engineering department about internship, co-op, and full-time employment opportunities.
Facebook now has model terms of service for state/local use for pages.
Attend one of these locations
Governor Tomblin's Web site is now available.
Matt Ellison at the State Treasurer's Office, along with Microsoft, is hosting Visual Studion 2010 Developer Day on December 14, 2010 in the Building 7 Conference Center.
Seven Days Remaining of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSA)! Day 25 – Read about the FCC’s guidance on Internet safety.
Reminder IT Summit starts on October 26, 2010. Check out the featured speakers and the agenda.
Kyle Schafer succeeds Utah chief information officer Stephen Fletcher, who served as NASCIO president for the 2009-2010 program year.
October 2010 marks the seventh annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. Americans can follow a few simple steps to keep themselves safe online.
The 2010 IT Summit will be held Tuesday and Wednesday October 26th and 27th.
A free, day-long program will be offered on October 5, 2010 at the West Virginia Culture Center by the West Virginia Office of Technology’s Office of Information Security and Controls
State of West Virginia Monthly Security Tips NEWSLETTER July 2010 - Volume 5, Issue 7
On August 28th, the AARP Foundation is hosting a document shredding event: Fight Fraud - Shred Instead!
State of West Virginia Monthly Security Tips Newsletter. June 2010 Volume 5, Issue 6.
West Virginia Office of Technology is moving this spring!
AARON RILEY, a Programmer Analyst III for the Development Center of the West Virginia Office of Technology, has been selected as the Department of Administration’s Employee of the Month for April
Recognizing the increasing popularity of smartphones among government users and everyday citizens, the White House announced Friday, April 2, a mobile version of its Web site optimized for portable devices like BlackBerrys and iPhones.
Governments that are looking to protect health benefit records and safeguard citizens from identity thieves might want to check out their favorite spy movies for a clue about what help is coming.
Apps for Healthy Kids calls for software developers and game designers to utilize USDA's recently released MyPyramid database of 1,000 foods and design applications to help kids and parents eat better and be more active.
Building 7, Capitol Complex - a very nice facility for training or meetings.
By The threat of falling victim to cyber-crime is so ubiquitous today, and some of America's biggest cities are even more prone than elsewhere in the country, according to a well known producer of cyber-security software.
California CIO Teri Takai, one of the highest-profile leaders in state and local government IT, has been nominated by President Barack Obama to become CIO of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), according to a White House statement Monday, March 29.
The March WV/OV PMI Chapter program meeting for 2010 is scheduled for Thursday, March 18, at 5:30 PM.
State of West Virginia Monthly Security Tips NEWSLETTER March 2010 - Volume 5, Issue 3
Is California's data center consolidation plan feasible?
The following was provided by a would-be victim - It checks out as verified and "TRUE" - JR
State of West Virginia Monthly Security Tips Newsletter. Volume 5, Issue 2
State of West Virginia Monthly Security Tips Newsletter for January 2010. Volume 5. Issue 1.
This past December, the same month that President Barack Obama named Howard Schmidt as the first-ever White House cyber-security coordinator, hackers from China allegedly attacked computer systems at Google and at least 20 other big U.S. companies.
Sustainable building is becoming more appealing to both builders and buyers as more government incentives for energy efficiency are offered.
Protecting the internet is critical to our national security, public safety and our personal privacy and civil liberties.
A random audit of state computers up for sale through the Surplus Property division found that an initiative to assure that all hard drives are wiped clean is working.
West Virginia's self-funded websites generate $10 Million in State cost savings in the first two years
On Tuesday, November the 6th of 2009, West Virginia CTO Kyle Schafer presented First Lady Gayle Manchin with the 2009 West Virginia State Technology Champion Award.
2009 Recognition Awards for Exellence in Information Technology
On Monday October 26th, at the annual NASCIO conference in Austin, Texas, Kathy Moore accepted the Enterprise IT Management Finalist Award on behalf of the Office of Technology.
Mark your calendars for an upcoming event which you do not want to miss.
Kyle Schafer, the West Virginia Chief Technology Officer, is elected to serve as NASCIO Vice President for its 2009-2010 program year.
(Charleston, WV) October is National Information Cyber Security Awareness Month.