2013 Annual Event

"Money, Sanity, Trust: How Much are You Willing to Lose?"
Hosted by the Office of Information Security Controls and Compliance
October 2, 2013 @ the Charleston Civic Center from 9AM-1PM

Miss the conference? Watch it on Google+ or Youtube!


On October 2, the WVOT Office of Information Security and Controls, sponsored a no-charge information and cyber security awareness event at the Charleston Civic Center. 

Speakers Information:
  • Tony Sager 
    (Director, SANS Institute)
    Presentation Slides
    The goal of the Critical Controls presentation is to show attendees how to strengthen their organization's defensive posture through continuous protection and monitoring to reduce compromises, minimizing the need for recovery efforts, and lowering associated costs.
  • Evan Patterson
    (Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation)
    Join us for an in-depth look at current cyber challenges that we face and the necessary policy, legal and practical actions required in order to enable citizens to continue to safely enjoy the benefits of a networked world.
  • Wade Baker 
    (Managing Principal of Research and Intelligence with Verizon’s RISK Team, Verizon)
    Presentation Slides
    Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report presentation provides a global insight into the nature of data breaches that can help organizations of all sizes to better understand the threat and take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

General Security Materials

  • Cyber Security Awareness Calendar Download: PDF
  • Cyber Security Awareness Posters Download: ZIP
  • Getting Started Guide Download: PDF
  • Cyber Crime Technical Guide Download: PDF
  • Securing Data on the Go Download: PDF
  • NCSA Educational Material -- Posters, Bookmarks, and more