Available Presentations

Protecting Yourself and Your Online Image
Length: 60 Minutes

Social media and social networking play an important part of our lives, both personally and in business. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are names and services that the majority of us use. This presentation focuses on the importance of managing​ your personal and professional identity online, as well as the online presence of your business or agency. Issues and vulnerabilities in social networking platforms have been well documented and publicized. Learn to navigate those risks to maintain privacy and avoid security breaches.


​Protecting Your Identity, Image, Data, and Business
Length: 60 - 90 Minutes

This presentation covers a wide range of Information Security issues - legal Issues, threats, technologies and solutions are all discussed in this comprehensive class. State employees who attend this training will not be required to take the annual Information Security Training available on the State training system. They will receive a training waiver for that period.




Parenting 2.0 Slide

Orientation Training: Information Security
Length: 45 - 60 Minutes

Security awareness training is a key aspect of security. Information Security Training for New Employee Orientation teaches users not only what they can do to prevent malicious activity and identify potential attacks, but also their level of responsibility, State expectations, and policies surrounding acceptable usage of technology resources. State employees who attend this training will not be required to take online Information Security Orientation Training available on the State training system.


Parenting 2.0: Raising Digital Citizens
Length: 90 Minutes

This presentation is for parents, guardians, school administrators, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other adults who desire a comprehensive action plan to deal with the potential perils of web surfing, instant messaging, social media and other modern communications tools used by children, outlines the danger signs adults should be on the alert for, and reviews the steps they can take to safeguard the children in their care.