2013 Cyber Pledge Launched

The volume of cyber threats targeting governments, businesses, schools, home users ...essentially anyone who is online...continues to increase.
Did you know?
  • Cyber Crime victims in the U.S. lost over $400 million in 2012
  • 73% of Americans have been victims of Cyber Crime
  • 75 million scam emails are sent every day
  • 59% of employees who leave a company steal data on the way out
In the face of these online dangers it is important that we remind ourselves of the importance of following good cyber security practices. Cyber Security Is Our Shared Responsibility and by taking proactive steps every day, we can improve our ability to stay safe.
We invite you to join with thousands of other individuals across the country who are asserting their commitment to online safety. By signing the MS-ISAC National Cyber Pledge you are affirming that you will take security seriously and use good practices both at home and at work. The Pledge contest runs through September 30th.
After you sign the pledge, please tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors...everyone you can! If we each pledge to do our part to make our piece of cyber space just a little bit more secure, we can truly make a difference in helping protect our nation's cyber security.
Thank you for being a part of this important effort!!
After you Submit the pledge you will be asked to copy and paste a link to receive your digital certificate, which is yours for you to save or print out to display.