March 2014 Newsletter - Tax Scams


​Protect Yourself from Online Scams

Tax season is in full swing and criminals are seizing the opportunity for scams. Because of the recent major data breaches we’ve seen in the past few months, which exposed sensitive information on a large scale, we should be even more vigilant about taking steps to minimize our risk of ID theft and other online-related crime. Don't become the next victim.
Scammers leverage every means at their disposal to separate you from your money, your identity, or anything else of value they can get. They may offer seemingly legitimate "tax services" designed to steal your identity and your tax refund, sometimes with the lure of bigger write-offs or refunds. Scams may include mocked up websites and tax forms that look like they belong to the IRS to trick you into providing your personal information.
Vigilance about the security of our online activities is required every day, but is especially important during this time of year. Continue reading for some warning signs to look for and basic precautions you can take to minimize risk. Click here to continue.