Competitive Robotics for All!

​All middle school students in West Virginia are now able to engage in a robotics competition that is FREE, web-based, individualized, self-paced, educational, and extremely engaging!  
What is the CRCC?
The Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC) is an exciting online competition using a cloud-based simulation platform featuring a virtual, 3D animated robot. The competition focuses on code development and teams in grades 6-8 will compete from any Chrome computer browser to complete missions and challenges. Winners will be the schools who can best strategize, plan, and complete the challenges.
The objective of the CRCC is to introduce all students to STEM and specifically the world of coding in a friendly, easy-to-use, and multi-leveled approach suitable for all students. Leveraging familiar programming (Blockly) and virtual robotics (LEGO Mindstorms EV3) assets and a self-directed, scaffolded approach, CRCC reduces students’ and teachers’ fears around learning to code or facilitating learning-to-code efforts. Teachers and students can access the platform wherever they have an Internet connection; there is no need to buy, maintain, or store hardware.
Who Supports CRCC?
NASA's Education Resource Center, Fairmont State University, and our sponsor, A3L Federal Works, have partnered with the non-profit ISCE Foundation to roll out the largest, most inclusive, robotics competition ever seen in West Virginia.
Now-March 31, 2019:    Registration Open
February 15, 2019:        Webinar for Educators 
Mar 4 - Mar 31, 2019:    Boot Camp for students 
March 17-13, 2019:       Qualifiers Part 1 (held at your school or site) 
Apr 1 - Apr 15, 2019:     Qualifiers Part 2 (held at your school or site) 
May 15, 2019:                In-Person Finals at Fairmont State University with representation from every school. 
The competition kicks off in early 2019 with a teacher orientation and training on 2/15/19. After this the competition platform, CoderZ from Intelitek, is available to all                  teachers to practice and learn how the platform works.
For Boot Camp 3/4/19 - 3/31/19 (training phase), students have access to a series of challenges to solve by coding the virtual robots. Boot Camp is three weeks long                with around 50 missions. Registration will remain open until the end of Boot Camp. 
Schools who complete the most challenges and have the highest participation and diversity of students, teachers, and grades before the end of Boot Camp will qualify              for awards. 
All participants will advance to the Qualifiers, a two week long coding event with master challenges, on March 17-31 (Part 1) AND April 1-15 (Part 2). 
Qualifiers with the best results will progress to the face to face finals on 5/15/19 at Fairmont State University. 
Awards will be presented at the face-to-face finals event.
Inclusiveness: School with the highest percentage of students participating in WV-CRCC out of total enrollment
Diversity (Grace Hopper Award): School with the highest percentage of girls participating in WV-CRCC out of girls enrolled in the school 
F2F Challenge Winner: Team with the most points and the best quality of code in coding face-off.  First, Second and Third Prize will be awarded at the state                              championship.
See West Virginia's site here: