Warning: Obamacare Scams


Con artists are already scamming Americans with fake Obamacare websites, phones calls, and texts. They are even sending out official-looking emails with links that don't go to the health exchange, but go to a bogus website where they try to ...capture your personal information. These thieves are smart and tricky.

  • Only provide personal information if you initiate the contact.
  • Never give out personal information such as Medicare or Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, or your home address through unsolicited telephone calls or emails.
  • Don't be swayed by high-pressure solicitations, emails, or phone calls from people pretending to work for the government. No one should threaten you with legal action.

WARNING: Beware of anyone asking for money to enroll you in a health insurance exchange. If the individual is legitimate, they will NEVER ask you for money.