Policy Reminder: Connecting Devices


All computers on the WV Statewide network are frequently updated with newer versions of software, security patches, updated drivers, and so forth. Computers that do not access the network in 120 days, are dropped from the Executive Domain (and can no longer log on the State network).

Laptop computers that are not regularly attached to the network do not receive the routine updates, and they become disassociated from the Executive Domain (State network), out-of-date, vulnerable to malware. When they do get reconnected, they are then subject to the download and application of numerous updates. This may be followed by a processor-intensive scan for malware. This re-provisioning, and the updates take time, and requires technician intervention. This represents an “unbudgeted” resource cost (not anticipated or covered in the workstation support rate), and cannot always be completed as quickly as the end-user would like. This problem CAN be prevented….

Anyone with a State issued laptop who expects it to perform well when needed, must take responsibility for its care, and attach it regularly to the network so the device is maintained in a ready-to-use condition, and any problems are resolved before the need for the device becomes urgent.

The Office of Technology cannot continue to assign a high priority to resolution of a laptop problem when and if the problem is the result of user “negligence,” meaning that the laptop has been left off the Executive Domain for too long. The Office of Technology policy WVOT-PO1004 says the following:

4.1.4 Each employee must ensure that the portable device receives all available program updates, security patches, and anti-virus updates at designated intervals, as specified in section of WVOT-PR1004. If assistance is required, it should be arranged through the WVOT Service Desk. Portable devices that can be connected to the network must be attached at least once every 14 days for a minimum of two hours, or until all updates have been successfully loaded, to receive program updates, security patches, and anti-virus definition updates.

The entire policy is available here.

Emergency and unexpected situations will occur. The WVOT will make every effort to assist its customers in such circumstances. However, the best precaution to ensure that a laptop functions as needed, when needed, is to establish a periodic schedule for connecting to the State network for routine updates, i.e. be compliant with the policy.