Scam of the Week -- MH17 Airplane Crash

​Almost 300 people were shot out of the air and the only thing cyber-criminals can think of is how to exploit the disaster. 
Scammers are now using the MH17 disaster in the Ukraine to trick people in clicking on links, both on Facebook, Twitter and phishing emails.
Here are some examples: 
  • a link that supposedly was a video of the Malaysia Airlines crash went to a pornographic website.
  • Facebook pages dedicated to victims contain links to scam websites. For instance, a Facebook page apparently dedicated to Liam Sweeney was set up hosting spam, and uses his name and picture. (The page was deleted but others will spring up.)
  • Hundreds of tweets were posted that seemingly were about the MH17 disaster, but in reality included spam links or links that lead to a malware infection. When you see some title that claims a video camera catching the MH17 Crash over Ukraine, delete it, ignore it and do not forward, or worse, retweet it.
Previous disasters have been exploited like this, but the bad guys have pulled out all the stops and go for Social Media in a big way these days. Be wary of anything that is about flight MH17 the coming months.