What are Customer Relationship Managers?

Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) are your Agency’s advocate within the West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT) to ensure your technical requirements are met and prioritized within WVOT. Your CRM maintains a positive relationship and stays knowledgeable of your Agency’s political and business drivers. Your Agency will also be able to provide feedback to WVOT via the CRM and obtain knowledge regarding existing state-approved technical solutions.  Think of your CRM as your business liaison for moving technology forward for your Agency.




The State of WV has more purchasing power when enterprise licensing is utilized. By using WVOT technical enterprise solutions, your Agency saves money.  Your CRM will keep your Agency informed on all major software upgrades that will impact your Agency’s computing needs.  When your Agency identifies a technical need, the CRM will take that need and be your voice for regularly scheduled WVOT meetings. The CRM will help you take your functional business need and provide technical options. 


An example would be if you needed a document repository. Your CRM will report to WVOT the business need and then report back to your Agency of options. Best technical solutions are the goal, with communication, technical needs analysis, and customer service taking precedence.


Customer Relationship Manager Contact Information: 


Carlos Necuzzi

  • Boards/Commissions (Not including Public Service Commission)

  • Governor's Office

  • Commerce

  • Education and the Arts

Joann Santoro




Ryan Je​tt

  • DEP

  • DHHR (Including Bureau of Senior Services)

  • Local Health Departments

Jeff Wilson

  • Administration (PEIA, CPRB only)

  • Boards/Commissions (Public Service Commission only)

  • Veteran's Assistance



Seth Atkisson

  • Revenue

  • Transportation

  • Administration (not inclu. PEIA, CPRB)


Contact the Service Desk
(304) 558-9966

(877) 558-9966


CRM group email: