Finance Administration

About Finance Administration

The Finance Administration Group is responsible for ensuring the West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT) operates efficiently and effectively providing oversight to the organization’s business functions encompassing Procurement, CIO Review, Accounting, Telecommunications Ordering and Billing, Asset Management, Inventory Management, the E-Recycle Program, Human Resources, as well as, the Technology Learning Center


The WVOT Procurement Team is responsible for the Agency’s purchases of products and services for which the aggregate spend exceeds $5,000. Utilizing a variety of procurement methods, the Team works with the WVOT’s technical units and ensures the Agency’s adherence to WV State Code and Legislative Rules.  As part of its efforts, the Procurement Team is involved in many of the following areas:

Business Services Team

The Business Services Team promotes and provides a collaborative and agile technology services model to foster innovation and continuous improvements. This group works to ensure statewide and WVOT procurement contracts are being fully utilized, while exploring opportunities for efficiencies and findings savings wherever possible.  This team proactively looks for improvements and tracks their implementation. Lastly, the team administers the CIO Review Process.  This team can be contacted by emailing

The Business Services Team works closely with:


The WVOT Accounting Team is responsible for a variety of responsibilities that ensure the agency operates smoothly.

Some of the duties include:

State agencies contact the Telecommunications Change Request (TCR) Team to request telecommunications services available on statewide contracts. These requests are maintained, and the progress tracked through this division which then reports these statuses to various individuals and groups. These groups can be contacted via email at (Internal Use Only - 304-957-8133),, and (Internal Use Only – 304-957-8219)

WVOT Replenishment Center 

The Asset Management/E-Recycle team is responsible for maintaining all WVOT assets, inventory, items for resale, and break-fix equipment; in addition, they are responsible for all of state government IT retired equipment. This team is responsible for receiving the asset upon shipment from the vendor; collecting the asset data, inputting the data into Asset Tracking System (ATS), and tagging the asset; performing annual physical asset/inventory audits; reconciling assets in the ATS database to wvOASIS Asset listing; tracking inventory, items for resale, and break-fix equipment; updating Bills of Materials (BOM) with the cost, based on the cost of the equipment being pulled; delivering equipment. This team is also responsible for corresponding with all state agencies to schedule pickups of retired IT equipment; pickup equipment across the state; inventory the at check-in equipment; assess the equipment for the re-usability determining what equipment will be kept by WVOT for re-use, sent to Department of Education, Surplus Property, or E-Recyclers as waste; responsible for cleansing the equipment, ensuring the data is removed before being sent to the aforementioned; approve the appropriate wvOASIS and/or WV103 documents to appropriately retire equipment; the equipment is then disbursed as determined by the assessment; all movement of equipment is tracked through ATS. This group can be contact via email at or by phone 304-558-5248 (Internal Use Only)

Print Shop/Mailroom

The WVOT processes print jobs and mails documents on behalf of many state agencies. The services provided range from distribution of pre-printed documents, to federally mandated letters or “mailers” which are documents printed on the WVOT printers then distributed or mailed according to the agency’s request.