IS&C/CMO Billing Inquiry

If, after reviewing your invoices and the appropriate back-up, you identify a charge(s) that you are questioning, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the IS&C/CMO Billing Inquiry Form, providing all information requested on the form. (This form can be obtained from our website or

  2. Submit the form via email to

  3. Once the form is received if not completed as requested, it will be returned to the agency for completion.

  4. IS&C will notify the agency when an appropriate resolution has been found.

In order to help complete the form correctly, the following information should be included in the form:

    • The “Item” is the line item number being questioned.

    • The “Nature of Inquiry” is the item being questioned.

      • Quantity

      • Description

      • Work performed

      • Rate

      • Backup documentation

    • The “Amount in Dispute” is the amount the agency is questioning.

    • If there is any information that needs to be added in order to effectively process the request, please provide that in the “Comments” section or in an attached document.

Please include the complete invoice that you received along with appropriate backup.