Applications is responsible for providing application software development and support to State agencies. The staff of Programmers, Analysts, and Database Administrators utilizes an extensive array of tools to offer a variety of services. While many of our customers are smaller agencies that do not have their own programming staff, we also aid larger agencies.

Services include:

We continue to look for better ways to work faster and smarter. Our goal remains to deliver quality customer service in a prompt and professional manner. The Applications Section also offers web services to state agencies – so you can better serve the public by offering information on the web, at a lower cost. (We cannot offer our services to non-state agencies.)

Applications Development 

The unit is responsible for the development of new web services and web sites, PC, and mobile applications on behalf of agencies for purposes of fulfilling a new need or replacing an older system, as well as change orders/enhancements to existing systems. Just as we perform business analysis and documentation to facilitate this new development, we also do this analysis and design to provide agencies with the opportunity to use the resultant documents we create as part of a bid process for the purchase of a system or contracting out to a vendor.

This unit is also responsible for the maintenance, upgrading, and support of most of the legacy mainframe applications WVOT supports. Ex. PEIA’s mainframe applications, Leave Warehouse, PIMS, HIRS, State Wide Phone Book, Job Vacancy, AFP printing. Also, we maintain, upgrade, and support newly developed applications once they are in production, such as PEIA, OIS, DJS and RJA’s CRM applications, PEIA’s Face to Face, On-base, Kofax and ColdFusion applications, and CPRB’s ColdFusion applications.

As a matter of policy, we strive to ensure all new development is done utilizing a relatively small subset of modern technologies to promote consistency and standardization, including C#.NET, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, West Virginia Office of Technology Divisions Page 4 of 5 and HTML 5. While the final deliverables can be hosted at agency discretion, we generally recommend utilizing the environments maintained by our Applications Framework team.

Applications Operations

Database Administration

The DBA team at WVOT is available to assist your agency in database design, construction, and maintenance. Our experienced staff performs a variety of database services and can assist you in the transition from Legacy systems to a proven relational database in SQL Server. Our DBA team works with WVOT programmers to ensure the seamless functionality of your new application. We can also work with your programming staff or that of a third-party contractor to meet your needs. Once in place your hosted database will receive routine maintenance, including backups, indexing and monitoring system storage and usage. We are also available upon request for an assortment of non-routine tasks and reporting. We also have an Oracle DBA on-hand to assist you in your needs, such as migrating to SQL Server or troubleshooting.

Cloud Infrastructure 

More than just a web hosting agency, we can offer you other services such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for moving large files from one place to another. We also offer web site programming, database storage on your site and others. We also offer you the peace of mind that your site will be available 24/7 and your information is backed up on regular intervals. Our support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

SharePoint Services: We offer more than a central location for your information. We also offer you the ability for you to maintain your site as you desire. We also offer you the peace of mind that your site will be available 24/7 and your information is backed up on regular intervals. Our support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Electronic Communications

This team provides email and mobile phone support for most of state government. This group also provides recommendations for conference calling solutions.